The College Forum

腾达娱乐Selected speakers of the academic year 2004-2005 in alphabetical order:

  • Mr Josep BORRELL FONTELLES, President of the European Parliament
  • Mr José LUIS BUENDIA, Legal Service, European Commission, GD Competition, Unit State Aids
  • Mr Norman DAVIES, British Historian
  • Mr James FLYNN QC, Lawyer, Brick Court Chambers, London
  • Mr Denis MACSHANE, MP, former UK Minister for Europe
  • Mr Miguel P. MADURO, Advocate General, Court of Justice of the European Communities
  • Mr Juhan PARTS, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia
  • Mr Maciej SZPUNAR, Lecturer in law, University of Silesia
  • Mr Willem VAN HASSELT, Deputy Director of the Strategic Policy Panning staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Mr André VON GRAFFENRIED, Swiss Ambassador to Poland

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