Academic programme

Students in the MATA programme will be able to spend one year on each side of the Atlantic. The first year will be dedicated to coursework. The second year comprises a high-level internship in an international or national institution, or within the corporate or civil society sector, and one semester of coursework at the partner institution. For students starting at the College of Europe, the internship can be done in semester 3 or 4, and is expected to be completed in the United States; for those who spent their first year at The Fletcher School, the internship has to be done in semester 3, and will be completed in Europe prior to a final semester of coursework at the College of Europe.

Past internship placements included: the European Parliament, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington, DC, the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in New York City, the US Mission to the EU (Commercial Service) in Brussels, and major think tanks in Washington, DC. Several of these internship placements were paid positions. The programme will culminate in the completion of a  Master's thesis on transatlantic affairs腾达娱乐 drawing upon the insights and support obtained at both institutions.

Within this overarching framework common to all MATA students, the precise study programme varies in line with the study track chosen. All students will follow the year-long joint course on US-EU Relations in the 21st Century : Multidisciplinary Analysis of Transatlantic Affairs (first semester) and US-EU Relations in the 21st Century : Transatlantic Project (second semester). The following five study tracks are offered within the MATA programme:

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