Transparency International

腾达娱乐Over the year 2015/2016, the College of Europe developed the project of a ‘Transparency Group’ with students of the Chopin promotion. The creation of this group was emanated from the recent partnership between and the College of Europe, with the aim to raise awareness among the students and interested participants about the challenges of transparency and corruption in the EU’s political life and abroad. 



腾达娱乐Currently in its third year running, the Student Transparency Group, comprised of 14 students across the College’s departments, worked in four thematic groups:

  • The role of the
  • Taxation and country by country reporting
  • Transparency in party financing
  • Investigative journalism and whistle blower protection

The Transparency Group organized its annual conference, in cooperation with , on 25 January 2018. More information is available here

Do not hesitate to send an email to Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE if you have any enquiries concerning the Transparency Group and its activities. More information on this year’s activities will be updated shortly!

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