La Simulation du Parlement Européen Canada Québec Europe (SPECQUE) – Simulation of the European Parliament Canada Quebec Europe – was founded in 1998 in Canada.

腾达娱乐This is the largest simulation of the European Parliament held in French in the world. Since its inception, the SPECQUE provide the participants with different opportunities:

  • Developing an international network of involved, enthusiastic and motivated students with ambitious career goals;
  • Improving their eloquence, their negotiation, analytical and synthesis skills, developing initiatives and autonomy;
  • Promoting the major issues of European current affairs and to increase the understanding of European democracy worldwide;

The delegations come, not only from Europe and Canada, but also from Universities from all over the world. The simulation takes place during the course of the summer for one week alternatively in Canada and in Europe. In 2020, the XXIII edition of SPECQUE will be held in Laval (Canada), from 26 July until 2 August.

The Members of the SPECQUE Delegation 2018-2019 from the College of Europe

Each student will play a role ranging from Presidency and Secretary-General, Commissioner and Rapporteur, Chair of parliamentary committees, Chair of political groups, Member of the European Parliament, lobbyist or journalist. During one week they will experience Parliamentary work (amendments, negotiations, votes,…).

At the end of the simulation, best students will be awarded with individual prices according to specific categories.

During previous editions, several topics were dealt with such as parental leaves, energy agreements with Russia or ruling on online health services.

More information could be found on the website and on social networks :

  • Specque Délégation of the College of Europe /
  • @Specque_CoE /

If you have any question, please contact the Academic Assistant in charge of SPECQUE: Frederik MESDAG

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