European Health Parliament

The European Health Parliament (EHP) is about connecting students from the College of Europe with young health professionals腾达娱乐 working in Brussels, in order to reshape the European health system. It is a partnership between an academic body, the College of Europe, and professional partners: EU 40, a network of young MEPs; Johnson & Johnson, a medical devices and pharmaceutical company; the European Patient Forum, a non-governmental organisation, and Porter Novelli, a public relations company.

The EHP brings together 60 young professionals/students from across Europe with very diverse backgrounds (political studies, biomedical science, pharmacy, medicine, economics, international relations and others) and jobs (healthcare industry, students, European institutions, patient organization, civil society,…). With the aim of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe, participants are working together for 6 months and they are brainstorming as a Parliament across 5 committees to develop political solutions around specific topics including digital skills for the medical professionprevention & self-care, and antimicrobial resistance 腾达娱乐among others.

During the project lifespan, four plenary sessions are organized to pull in expert feedback from the EU policymaking circle. The objective is to meet with key stakeholders and share ideas with EU officials, Members of the European Parliament, NGOs, media and interested public, in order to deliver policy-oriented recommendations. Once the papers are finalized and presented at the last plenary session, they are shared with policymakers and the healthcare community across the EU28. The ultimate goal is that the proposals can be implemented by the European Commission or any other national government as a possible legislative proposal.

The project takes place in Brussels, and participants are required to be available and engage actively in the four plenary sessions. In between sessions, it is up to each Committee to identify the most suitable working method. Committee participants can meet face-to-face and/or communicate via a wide range of social media and platforms that will be at their disposal.

Ten College students are participating in the 5th腾达娱乐 edition of the project (2019/2020).

You can find more information about the EHP on their  and on social networks (#WERUN4HEALTH; ).

For any further questions or requests, please contact Laura PIERRET.


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