Extra-Curricular Academic Activities

腾达娱乐The Department of European Political and Governance Studies complements the academic programme with  challenging and professionalising extracurricular activities giving students first-hand experience working in different policy areas as young professionals:

  • European Centre for Government Transformation (ECGT) has students work on case studies of public sector reform, in partnership with Accenture and the Lisbon Council.
  • European Health Parliament (EHP) brings together 60 young professionals (including 10 College of Europe students) to draft policy recommendations on the future of healthcare in Europe, in partnership with EU40, European Patients’ Forum, Johnson & Johnson, Politico, and Porter Novelli.
  • Hack4Ideas is a joint project between Microsoft and the Department of European Political and Governance studies of the College of Europe.

  • SPECQUE is the largest French-language simulation of the European Parliament.
  • Transparency International aims to raise awareness among the students and interested participants about the challenges of transparency and corruption in the EU’s political life and abroad. 


  • tellUs is a joint project between the College of Europe and the European Commission which offers students the opportunity to interact with EU officials on the future proofing of environmental policy, in a common effort to advance the European agenda towards greater sustainability.
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