Optional Courses

The second semester of the European Political and Governance Studies programme kicks off with the second phase of the Simulation Game, where students engage in a real negotiation of an EU legislative proposal. Students also specialize in their area of interest and choose three courses腾达娱乐 from the following clusters:

EU Institutions and Administration (5 ECTS)

EU Internal Policies (5 ECTS)

European Governance (5 ECTS)

Europe and the World (5 ECTS)

Students also follow one course from the European General Studies Programme.

腾达娱乐Although the courses are of a very high academic level, the greatest added value of the studies lies in the practical hands-on experience the students gain through their interactions with senior practitioners who are more than happy to share the insights gained from their work experience. - Aleksandar Latinov (Chopin promotion)

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