Introductory Course

腾达娱乐The Department of European Political and Governance Studies offers an introductory course for students who do not have a background in European studies or politics. This two-week programme takes place before the official start of the academic year.

Students enrolled in this introductory course take the following courses:

  • Introduction to political science - Professor Olivier COSTA
  • EU decision-making - Professor Christopher LORD
  • Droit institutionnel communautaire [Institutional Community Law] - Professor François Xavier MILLET
  • Histoire de l’Union européenne [History of European Integration] - Professor Sylvain SCHIRMANN
  • Introduction to political economy - Professor Michele CHANG
  • Research methodology - Professor Rector Jörg MONAR

An introductory course on the European Neighbourhood Policy takes place during this same period and includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to the European Neighbourhood Policy - Professor Sieglinde GSTÖHL
  • North Africa and the Middle East: Internal Transformations - Professor Irene FERNANDEZ MOLINA
  • Géopolitique de l'ex-Union Soviétique: Russie, Caucase, Asie centrale - Professor Adrien FAUVE
  • Legal framework of ENP relations with the east - Professor Peter VAN ELSUWEGE
  • Legal framework of ENP relations with the SOUTH - Professor Erwan LANNON
  • Security and Migration in the South - Professor Nora EL QADIM

腾达娱乐In addition to the official courses, numerous workshops are offered on essay writing, oral presentations and referencing guidelines by the Academic Assistants.

The introductory programme also includes English or French language classes.

During the introductory courses, students are housed in the residences and extra fees apply, unless the costs are covered by a grant.

For further information please contact Ms Rina BALBAERT.

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