Introductory Course

腾达娱乐The objective of the Introductory Course is to prepare those students who, having been selected for the European Legal Studies programme in the College, may nonetheless not yet have the necessary background in EU law, including the reforms of the Lisbon Treaty. Considering the disparity in coverage of EU courses offered by national universities, it is indispensable for the College to ascertain the level of  familiarity with EU law as yet achieved by pre-selected students. 

students in a class room

The number of places available for the Introductory Course is limited (max. 40-50 students). The data collected from the questionnaires is used to subsequently recommend participation in the Introductory Course to those selected students who should benefit most from it. 

腾达娱乐 Participating students will have to pay the sum of 500 euros (on top of the usual tuition fees) to register for that course. Board and lodging is provided by the College.

After each block of theory classes, the assistants of the European Law Department will give students the opportunity to put what they learnt into practice by way of exercises. At the end of the Introductory Course, students test their knowledge through a general practical exercise.

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