European Neighbourhood Policy PhD Summer School

The European Neighbourhood Policy PhD Summer School, organised annually by the ENP Chair of the College of Europe at Natolin, is a unique initiative aimed at supporting PhD candidates from all over the world in developing their research on topics related to the European Union’s foreign policy with a specific focus on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP)腾达娱乐 and/or related to the EU’s eastern and southern neighbourhoods, i.e. North Africa and the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus.

The aim of the ENP PhD Summer School is to provide PhD students with a unique programme combining lectures by world leading scholars, experts and practitioners, with the opportunity to present their PhD projects and benefit from expert advice and tailor-made feedback. It is destined to familiarize and deepen PhD students’ cross-disciplinary knowledge of European Foreign Policy analysis towards the EU’s southern and eastern neighbours, make them aware of specific regional and domestic dynamics in the EU’s neighbourhood, and equip them with relevant methodological and conceptual tools.

腾达娱乐Further information on previous editions, programmes, and the upcoming PhD Summer School can be found at .




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