CoE Business Club

Founded by the students of European Economic Integration and Business (EEIB) course at the College of Europe in 2013, the Business Club aims to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of theory and practice on doing business in Europe between College of Europe students and European firms;
  • Equip its members with practical insight on the impact of EU policies on business;
  • Establish an interdisciplinary environment around business matters by opening its doors to non-business students who will bring their legal, political and international relations perspective; 
  • Bring together the alumni of EEIB specialization and develop a network of business-oriented EU professionals.

腾达娱乐Activities of the club include closed training sessions with business practitioners and alumni on subjects of interest to the members, among others, career prospects for EEIB graduates, lobbying, leadership and networking.

Cooperation opportunities:

  • Inviting students for a visit at the company coupled with a discussion/case study of benefits and issues related to doing business in Europe;
  • Conducting a presentation in the College of Europe on the company, its activities and employment opportunities;
  • Participation in networking events at the College;
  • Participation in Career Days at the College.



Kia Marie JERICHAU, kia.jerichau [at]
Carolin PROFT, carolin.proft [at]


Katarzyna BITKA, katarzyna.bitka [at]  


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