Master's Thesis

腾达娱乐Students of the EEIB specialisation are required to write a Master's Thesis.

腾达娱乐Writing a thesis gives the student the possibility to carry out independent research on the topic of his/her choice.

The thesis should provide an analytical treatment of an EU economic policy subject at a fairly advanced level. It should focus on a well-formulated research question and show the student’s capacity to conduct independent and comprehensive analysis of the subject, taking into account the relevant literature. The thesis must be the student’s own work under the general guidance and supervision of a professor.

The best theses of each year are listed below:

To What Extent Corruption Effects the Returns of Financial Assistance? An empirical analysis of the impact of corruption on the returns of EU financial aid in the European Neighbourhood countries.
» download abstract (91.37 KB application/pdf)
The Determinants of Bank Capital Structure in Europe
» download abstract (130.37 KB application/pdf)
ROY Thibault (FR ) — J. PELKMANS
Increasing the Share of Variable Renewable Energy. System Costs in the European Union
» download abstract (17.83 KB application/pdf)
2013 - 2014
DHEUR Stéphanie (BE ) — HINE
Has China moved up the quality ladder in the clothing industry since its entry into the WTO in 2001?
» download abstract (29.08 KB application/pdf)
2012 - 2013
Liberalising the European Gas Market: The Role of Network Codes.
» download abstract (7.19 KB application/pdf)
2011 - 2012
BITAT Abdelfettah (DZ ) — RENNINGS Klaus
Impact of Eco-innovation on Firms’ Competitiveness. An Empirical Study based on Mannheim Innovation Panel.
» download abstract (149.04 KB application/pdf)
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