Compulsory Courses

腾达娱乐In the first semester, students follow all six compulsory courses below. They offer a broad overview in each field and provide a foundation on which to specialise in the second semester.

In addition, an introductory course on EU institutions and decision-making processes is offered at the beginning of the academic year.

Students follow a compulsory Language Course腾达娱乐 throughout the academic year. Except for French, these courses are offered exclusively at a beginners' level, thus allowing students to add another language to their skills.

In order to help students with their theses, the non-assessed compulsory course “Research Methodology in EU External Action” is dedicated to research design, methodology and theoretical approaches in the field of EU diplomacy and external action studies.

EtudiantsIn addition to the Optional Courses in the second semester, students follow two compulsory courses which focus on the EU’s relations with neighbouring countries. The simulation game is an intensive, one-week exercise involving interactive role play. It investigates how the European Union might react to substantial threats to stability in its immediate neighbourhood. The course on the European Neighbourhood Policy, taught in French, explores the political, economic and strategic dimensions of this important EU policy, both in its Eastern and Mediterranean dimension.

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