Working papers

The GCLC intends to help disseminate research in competition law and economics. Its working papers series is opened to works carried out within the framework of the GCLC but also welcomes external studies submitted by third parties (researchers, lawyers, economists). To be selected for publication within the GCLC’s Working Papers Series, all papers undergo a peer review process. Papers (in French or in English) should be submitted to Prof. Nicolas PETIT (Nicolas.petit [at] and info [at]


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Complainants' Rights in State Aid Matters: Lost in Modernisation? (258.31 KB )
(January 2013)

腾达娱乐Massimo MEROLA and Leonardo ARMATI

Evaluating Vertical Mergers Post Non-Horizontal Guidelines: An Economics-Based Approach? (277.42 KB )
03/09 (January 2009)

Álvaro RAMOS, Tricia MOHAN and Francesco CARLONI

Competition law proceedings before the European Commission and the right to a fair trial: no need for reform? (481.02 KB )
04/08 (January 2008)

Donald SLATER, Sébastien THOMAS and Denis WAELBROECK

Économétrie du droit de la concurrence – Un essai de conceptualisation (635.36 KB )
03/08 (January 2008)

腾达娱乐Ermano FEGATILLI et Nicolas PETIT

An Empirical Evaluation of Long Term Advisors and Short Term Interventions in Technical Assistance and Capacity Building (400.05 KB )
02/08 (January 2008)

腾达娱乐D. Daniel SOKOL and Kyle W. STIEGERT

Saving the Monopsony: Exclusivity, Innovation and Market Power in the Media Sector (367.12 KB )
01/07 (January 2007)

腾达娱乐Pablo Ibáñez COLOMO

Price Discrimination under EC Competition Law: The Need for a case-by-case Approach (449.38 KB )
07/05 (January 2005)

Damien GERADIN and Nicolas PETIT

Droit de la concurrence et recours en annulation à l'ère postmodernisation (444.81 KB )
06/05 (January 2005)

Damien GERADIN and Nicolas PETIT

Bargaining Over Fixed-to-Mobile Termination Rates in the Shadow of the Regulator (230.29 KB )
05/05 (January 2005)


The Commission’s New Horizontal Merger Guidelines. An Economic Commentary (167.23 KB )
02/05 (January 2005)

腾达娱乐Derek RIDYARD

Access to Content by New Media Platforms: A Review of the Competition Law Problems (283.39 KB )
01/04 (January 2004)

腾达娱乐Damien GERADIN

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