Prize for best dissertation

The GCLC awards a Prize for the best thesis in competition law and policy.  This prize is open to all students from the legal studies department or the ELEA programme in Bruges and from the campus in Natolin.  The prized dissertation will be published in a specialized review in competition law and economics ( for dissertations in French and for dissertations in English).  Students will be requested to hand in an extra copy of their thesis in May.

腾达娱乐An expert GCLC Jury decides on the award. To apply for the prize, the dissertation must: (i) have earned a mark of at least 15/20 (for the written assessment); and (ii) be deemed publishable according to the College’s standards.

The shortlisted dissertations are made public during the graduation ceremony.  The name of the laureate is announced on the website of the GCLC and the prize is awarded publicly at an event organized by the GCLC (Lunch Talk or Conference) after the graduation ceremony.

GCLC Best Thesis Award


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