Interlibrary Loan

腾达娱乐The Interlibrary Loan Service enables staff and students to obtain materials which are not held by the College library itself.

How do I make a request?

  1. In our you will find an "Interlibrary loan request" button in the record (Tab 'Check Availability' / 'Libraries Worldwide'). Just click this button, complete the request form and submit. Library staff will then take care of your request.
  2. Or fill out one of the following forms and check our catalogue, before requesting an Interlibrary Loan.

You will be notified when your request arrives or if we are unable to fill it. 

How much does an Interlibrary Loan cost?

The 5 first requests for College students are free of charge. Further demands will be charged at € 5 each.

腾达娱乐All requests are free of charge for staff. 


For further information, please contact Katrien Gunst:

  • katrien.gunst [at]
  • phone : +32 50 477208
  • office at top floor of the library


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