The Bruges Library provides access to a large collection of books and periodicals focusing on European law, economics, political and administrative sciences and international relations and diplomacy.  


You can find the different collections on the : 

  • Ground floor : newspapers, European Careers and Languages Centre, Reading Room (reference and book collection), European Documentation Centre (international organizations)
  • First floor : book collection and European Documentation Centre (EU-OECD)
  • Second floor : periodicals


        Special collections :


        1. China Library

        The China Library, officially inaugurated on 28 March 2014, was donated by the Information Office of the State Council of the Chinese Government. The collection includes books and DVDs in six different languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) and covers a wide range of topics including art and culture, economics, health care, history, literature, religion, science, tourism, etc.

        Location : Verversdijk 16, 8000 Brugge, Building F.  

        Contact the [at] (Library staff) for further information.


        2. United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies

        The Library catalogue includes references to documents that are the property of UNU/CRIS. These publications are not physically present in the College Library but can be consulted on special request. 

        Location : Potterierei 72, 8000 Brugge.

        Contact the [at] (Library staff) for further information or pvantorre [at]


        3. Archives Jacques Delors

        Since 17 February 2016, Jacques Delors opened his personal archives as former President of the European Commission (1984-1994) to consultation. The digital archives can be consulted upon request in our Library.

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