Languages and Intercultural Dialogue

Languages and Intercultural Dialogue

Our mission

I. Provide professional foreign language education for specific and academic purposes to the Natolin students.
II. Promote multi-lingual and multi-cultural skills which facilitate mobility, enhance job prospects, foster language learning and life-long learning.
III. Provide a diverse language learning experience in terms of methods and forms of delivery.
IV. Embrace progress in methods and forms of delivery through employing technology effectively.
V. Organise and deliver courses meeting the standards set in the Council of Europe Document titled European Language Learning System.
VI. Develop professionally as language teachers through continual training and pursuit of new qualifications.


Head of Office

marta.wojakowska [at]
+48 22 54 59 421
​Ul. Nowoursynowska 84  /  Coach House
PL-02/797 Warsaw

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