Language Requirements

Language requirements

The two working languages of the College of Europe are English and French. All study programmes are bilingual, with the exception of the Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs, which is an English-only programme. Candidates can apply to some study programmes with a lower command of one of these two languages. Occasionally students are admitted on condition that they improve specific language skills.

For language requirements for the different programmes, please see:

Language skills are to be indicated on the "online application form". French and English language levels are monitored during selection interviews and candidates should, when possible, supply recognised certificates or recommendation letters from language teachers showing language levels in relation to the  and TOEFL Equivalency Table腾达娱乐 (TOEIC, TOEFL-IELTS Score Comparison Chart).

For those who need to improve their level of French before entering the College, the  organises summer courses腾达娱乐 especially developed with students' needs in mind.

If specific advice on language requirements beyond the information available is needed, students (Bruges) can contact the Admissions Office at info.admissions [at]

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