Google Chair in Digital Innovation

Google Chair in Digital Innovation

腾达娱乐Digital innovation is permeating a growing number of sectors of the economy, reshaping the way we live, work, interact. On the one hand, many markets are being disrupted and re-intermediated as a result of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things, distributed ledgers such as blockchain, sensors and robotics. On the other hand, policymakers find it increasingly difficult to keep track of this evolution given the breath-taking pace of innovation, and the challenge of dealing with algorithms, collective intelligence, and often a patchy and uncertain set of legal rules. The College of Europe Chair in Digital Innovation will explore the impact of technological development on policymaking, with emphasis on the EU in a global context.

The main activities of the Chair are:

  • A new course on “Policies for Digital innovation”, open to all students of the European Economic Studies Department, as well as to students of the Political and Governance Studies Department taking the European Public Policy Analysis option.
  • A new Lecture series on new frontiers of Digital innovation, which will be opened in January 2018 by an inaugural lecture of the Chairholder Prof. Andrea RENDA.
  • An Annual Conference on Digital Innovation, with several speakers from institutions, academia and industry, to be organized at the Bruges campus during the month of April 2018.

Among the topics covered by the Chair, the following will be particularly prominent:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT ecosystem.
  • The data-driven economy.
  • Content, media and news: exploring the role of online platforms.
  • Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.
  • Government innovation and policy implementation in the data-driven economy.
  • EU Policies for digital innovation.

For more information please contact Fernando VILLAMÓN.




Prof. Andrea RENDA

andrea.renda [at]

Senior Academic Assistant

Mr. Fernando VILLAMÓN

fernando.villamon [at]





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