The Chair organizes a rich programme of events. Besides those relating to its three research themes, it also puts on special lectures and debates on a wider range of subjects. It hosts the Bronisław Geremek and College of Europe-Arenberg Prizes.

Professor Mark LEWIS, the first winner of the Bronisław Geremek Prize, is now a visiting professor at the College
The College of Europe Arenberg European Prize Award Ceremony 2017

The Chair has also organized three public debates in which Natolin students have debated ‘longer and broader’ views of Europe (on the most recent occasion in cooperation with the ENP Chair). These have taken place in the inspiring surroundings of the Royal Łazienki Museum.

Three Ukrainian Revolutions (3R Project)

Recent Events

High-level seminar with former President of the European Parliament Pat COX (27/02/2017)

International Conference "Rousseau, Poland and Europe: Federalism – Sovereignty – Prosperity – Patriotism" (1-3/2/2018)

Lecture by Ms Anne APPLEBAUM: "True Believers: The Nature of Opposition and Collaboration under Communism" (28/01/2015)

Past Events

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