Academic programme

Academic programme

腾达娱乐Students follow the academic programme of the department in which they are enrolled, with the following modifications.

Introductory course

腾达娱乐Before the start of the academic year, EPPA students follow a two-week compulsory ‘introductory course’ in the other discipline: political scientists in economics, with an emphasis on micro-economics, and economists in European politics and law.

During the first semester

Joint course: Both politics and economics students follow one joint compulsory course which provides them with the analytical tools required for the design and appraisal of policies. This course, open only to EPPA students, is Public Policy Analysis (30 h) taught by Prof. BORDIGNON. The course provides a thorough grounding in the science and art of policy formulation, setting feasible and testable objectives, choosing appropriate policy instruments, assessing policy outcomes and procedures and adjustment of policy targets.

Cross-over course: Students must also follow one compulsory course in the other department: politics students follow 20 hours of the course on The Economics of European Integration by Prof. DUMONT & Prof. MOSCOVICI. Economics students follow 20 hours of the course on Politics and Policies of the EU of Prof. COSTA腾达娱乐. In addition, politics and economics students follow their departmental compulsory courses.

Differences with the regular course programmes: students from the Economics Department do not follow the course ‘Introduction au droit de l'Union européenne’  by Prof. VAN WAEYENBERGE.

Students from the Politics Department do not follow the course on 'The Political Economy of European Integration' by Prof. CHANG 

During the second semester

The EPPA-ECO students follow the compulsory courses of Prof. MADARASZ - Behavioural Economics (20h) and of Prof. PELKMANS - Economics of Network Industries (30h). In addition they must follow two joint seminars, Policy Lab given by Prof. MOSCOVICI & BERDEN. and Ex-Post Policy Evaluation given by Prof. SCHREFLER 腾达娱乐& Prof. MURIEL CARRASCO.

The EPPA-POL students participate in the course Prof. SETTEMBRI, Prof. HERMANIN & Prof. WORTH - Negotiation and Decision-Making in the EU : A Simulation Game (50h)  and follow a research seminar for their Master's thesis. In addition they must follow two joint seminars, Policy Lab given by Prof. MOSCOVICI & Prof. BERDEN and Ex-Post Policy Evaluation given by Prof. SCHREFLER腾达娱乐 & Prof. MURIEL CARRASCO.

Pool system within each department: students follow two optional courses/seminars within their department. These are chosen from a defined pool of courses/seminars associated with the programme.

Additionally, the EPPA-POL and EPPA-ECO students can follow a special workshop: Prof. KAEDING - How to Make it Work ? Capacity for the Implementation of European Policies across Member State Public Administrations (8h).

European General Studies Programme

EPPA students follow one of the second semester seminars. For economics students this course should be in French.

The study programmes are revised annually to ensure continuing excellence and dynamism.

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