Host Family Project — Testimonial

腾达娱乐We were a host family in 2013-2014 and in 2014-2015. 

Our first ‘children’  were Martina and François. We invited them 3 or 4 times at home to have a fine lunch with us and we had a very good time. They enjoyed having something else to eat than student-food and to have a ‘home feeling’. We had interesting ‘borderless’ conversations. 

In 2014, our ‘children’ were Élisa and Ruggero. We continued the same concept. We had the impression that a fine lunch was the best we could offer them. Of course we did not forget to invite our other ‘children’ too. 

Every year since, François and Martina come to visit us and we share a fine meal as we used to do.
腾达娱乐 Élisa and Ruggero stopped coming, which I understand. They have their own life to get on the rails at that age. 

The contact with François and Martina stays very good. I call them son and daughter now. The ‘comble’ (as they say in French) is that we have been invited to Martina’s wedding last September, in Italy! It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so friendly. I love my host-children even more now. 

This spring, I will set the table again. There will me a newcomer: my host-son-in-law :)
(I keep a baby chair ready for next year;)

腾达娱乐Host mom Mrs Mia BROUCKAERT

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