University Degree

  • Is it possible to apply even if I am not yet in possession of my degree?
    You may already apply in your last year of your university studies. The copy of the degree has to be sent upon graduation. Your admission would, in that case, be conditional.
  • What diploma is required for applying to the College of Europe?
    Bruges campus: University degree in economics, law, political science, international relations, diplomatic studies, European studies, history.
    Natolin (Warsaw) campus腾达娱乐: University degree in a wide range of disciplines such as law, economics, political or social sciences, history, philosophy, geography, linguistics or journalism. Candidates should be interested in approaching the process of European integration from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective.  Graduates with degrees in other disciplines (including natural sciences, engineering etc.) who demonstrate a high academic level and a keen interest in EU affairs are also accepted.

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