• Should I pay an application fee?
  • I have not studied political science, European studies, international relations, diplomatic studies, law, economics or contemporary European history, can I still apply to EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies?
    An application is not excluded if your studies include particular courses on the European Union. However, you might consider applying to the European Political and Governance Studies programme in Bruges or, alternatively, to the European Interdisciplinary Studies programme at Natolin (Warsaw). Both programmes accept students with a broader academic background while allowing them to specialize on EU external relations in the second semester.
  • Should I indicate only a first or also a second choice of study programme?
    You are not obliged to indicate a second choice of study programme. If you do indicate two choices, your application will be evaluated independently by both study programmes you apply for. The order in which you indicate the programmes (first choice and second choice) should clearly correspond to your order of preferences. 
  • Is a translation of the documents necessary?
    Yes, as the documents will be evaluated by the academic staff of the College. Please upload a copy of the original document with either a French or English translation. An unofficial translation is sufficient.
  • Is a copy of the degree and academic results sufficient or do you need the originals? Do they have to be legalised?
    A copy will be sufficient. Legalisation is not necessary if you upload a copy of the original document together with the French or English translation.
  • Where should I send my diploma after the deadline?
    All diplomas should be included in your online application. Only your diploma(s) yet to be obtained can be emailed to the Admissions Office of the College of Europe at a later stage.
  • Do special forms for the letters of recommendation exist?
    Yes, these are in the form of online recommendation questionnaires that are automatically sent to your nominated referees via email through your online application. 
  • I graduated several years ago. Do I still have to provide you with two letters of recommendation from my previous professors?
    If you have graduated 5 or more years ago, you still have to provide us with minimum one letter of recommendation from one of your professors who has supervised your thesis or who has taught you during your last years of studies. The second letter can exceptionally be written by your (current or former) employer if the latter is able to comment on your knowledge relevant to the study programme(s) you are applying for. Please only indicate professional e-mail addresses that clearly show the referees’ affiliation and make sure that the two referees indicated have in advance agreed to provide you with such letters.
  • Do I have the possibility to add additional letters of recommendation?

    If you have sent the 2 obligatory recommendation questionnaires to your referees through the online application system, you are allowed to add (max.) 2 optional letters of recommendation. These referees do not necessarily have to be professors who taught you at university and can assess your performance. You have to upload the optional letters yourself (application tab of the online application). The extended deadline for the referees is not applicable as far as these optional letters are concerned.

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