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College of Europe Facebook pages

腾达娱乐Here you can find all the latest news and events, pictures, etc... from both our Bruges and Natolin (Warsaw) campuses. See what's happening inside and outside the College!


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College of Europe Instagram

Sharing the life @ the College of Europe!


College of Europe LinkedIn pages

腾达娱乐Everybody who's linked to the College of Europe can be a member of this page. There is also a College of Europe LinkedIn Group, with the different programmes as subgroups. Every College alumnus and student can be part of his or her own departmental subgroup. Get in touch with your colleagues from all over the world!


CoE LinkedIn Subgroups:   / / / /

College of Europe Twitter accounts

The College is tweeting all over the world on a daily basis. Instant news items, important events, high-level speeches, etc... Each of them are tweets and are retweeted by this official Twitter channel.


College of Europe E-newsletters

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College of Europe Flickr account

Get a glimpse of the College world by diving into the official College of Europe photostream and explore a moment in history with archived collections from high-level conferences and speakers.

College of Europe Youtube channel


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