Natolin Student Affairs Office

The experience of investing a year of one’s life to study abroad goes far beyond the academic interests. In order to help our students make the best of their stay in Natolin, a range of extracurricular activities is offered every year with the aim at integrating the student community and enriching student experience, such as a wide range of open lectures, conferences, debates and extra-curricular activities ranging from culture, artistic endeavours to sports activities.

Balancing an intensive academic program with an active engagement and participation in theses extracurricular activities is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We encourage our students to:

Actively shape the cultural life at the College, i.e. by participating in the Natolin Choir 腾达娱乐with its regular rehearsals and performances or through the organisation of concerts of classical music at the campus throughout the year.

Engage in the organisation of National Days腾达娱乐 - where students have the opportunity to present their cultural heritage by organising exhibitions, performances and preparing regional dishes.

Participate in various outdoor and indoor sports activities on and off the campus (i.e. football tournaments, half-marathons).

Organise societies of common interests, that have an agenda and a clear setup of roles and responsibilities. This is a great field for practicing various transversal skills, for intercultural exchange and for networking.

The Student Affairs Office also provides ongoing support in terms of every day issues as well as providing the support of an external counsellor for those that need/wish to speak to a professional anonymously.


Head of the Office

lukasz.dobromirski [at]
+48 22 54 59 454
Ul. Nowoursynowska 84  /  Rectorate, room 3
PL-02/797 Warsaw

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