Alumni Relations

The College of Europe experience does not stop at the end of the academic year. With more than 14,500 alumni from around 50 countries, our graduates join a global network of young leaders, featuring personalities who have reached senior positions in the public and private sectors.

腾达娱乐Our graduates successfully pursue a career in European and international affairs, international business, national administration, NGOs, journalism or the academic world. The College of Europe is committed to maintaining and developing relations with its alumni. Therefore, various measures have been taken to maintain an active community in which all members are able to voice their interests. To this end, the Alumni Relations office in Natolin offers a wide array of services:

  • We collect data and stats regarding our alumni and their careers;
  • We organize regular networking events for College of Europe alumni;
  • We coordinate Alumni Reunions at the Natolin campus;
  • We manage an Ambassadorial Programme for those alumni who wish to stay involved with the College of Europe and help us in our promotional activities;
  • We liaise with the .

Are you a College of Europe alumnus/alumna and you would like to get in touch? Please just send us an email to [at] It is also possible to stay in touch with the Natolin campus of the College of Europe either by subscribing to our E-newsletter or by visiting our social media profiles, displayed below.

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