Tax-efficient giving

Friends of the College of Europe Fund

腾达娱乐The ‘Friends of the College of Europe Fund’ within the King Baudouin Foundation was created thanks to the initiative of the Joseph Bech Promotion, wishing to support one of the College's students yearly with a scholarship. Recently the Friends of the College of Europe Fund has been extended and now its purpose is to collect financial support from alumni, sympathizers and companies to support one of the following College's projects in a tax-efficient way: 

  • Granting of scholarships
    • Donate to the Joseph Bech Promotion Scholarship Fund
    • Donate to the College of Europe Scholarship Fund
    • Create a new personalised scholarship with your promotion or with your company/foundation
  • Offer financial support for a course or an academic chair
  • Contribute to the financing of College's infrastructure
  • General support 

Joseph Bech Promotion Scholarship Fund

As mentioned above the 'Friends of the College of Europe' was established thanks to the initiative of the Joseph Bech Promotion (1982-1983). The alumni of this promotion decided to support future talented students who have limited financial means. The 'Joseph Bech Promotion Scholarship' was born!

This promotion has already collected for 5 full scholarships:
1x academic year 2014-2015
1x academic year 2015-2016
1x academic year 2016-2017
1x academic year 2017-2018
1x academic year 2018-2019

Create your own scholarship

Other College's promotions can also create their own scholarship within the Friends of the College of Europe Fund, in order to help future students to study at the College of Europe.
If your promotion would like to create its own funded scholarship, please contact Prof. N. VANHOVE for more information.

Creation of a scholarship by companies or foundations
Several foundations and companies have already granted one or more scholarships to College of Europe students in the past. A list of those companies can be found here.
Please contact Prof. N. VANHOVE 腾达娱乐for more information if your organisation or company wishes to create a new scholarship.

Tax-efficient giving through the King Baudouin Foundation

腾达娱乐All donations for the 'Friends of the College of Europe Fund' should be made through the King Baudouin Foundation to benefit from fiscal advantages (donations from € 40 onwards are tax deductible):

Bank: Bpost Bank
Address: Rue des Colonies 56 (P28), 1000 Brussels
IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404

  • Joseph Bech Promotion Scholarship Fund: ***014/0520/00077***
  • College of Europe Scholarship Fund: ***014/0520/00481***
  • Teaching & Research: ***014/0520/00178***
  • College's infrastructure: ***014/0520/00279***
  • General support: ***014/0520/00380***
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