Our Alumni

Dr. Rana Deep ISLAM (DE)

腾达娱乐Nicolaus COPERNICUS Promotion, 2006-2007

MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

Project Manager

, Essen, Germany


腾达娱乐Studies in History, Sociology and Politics in Berlin, Strasbourg and Bonn (2002-2006). Then an MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe (2006-2007). 

Various job positions, e.g. research assistant at the , trainee at the and project coordinator at the in Bonn. 

PhD Studies at the on a comparison between the EU and Turkey with regard to their respective Middle East policies. 

During my PhD studies I was a staff member of the SPD party headquarters in the international department in Berlin.  


腾达娱乐The College of Europe not only educated me in academic terms. It basically laid the foundation for a lifestyle, a "Haltung" that can best be described as pro-european, globalist, tolerant and open-minded. The College advanced my way of thinking and behaviour. So consider the Master class to be a school for life and not only for an academic degree. This is why I still feel very much attached to my European "Alma Mater" though the completion of my study is quite a long time ago.  

Furthermore and what is also worth to be said: in an era when nationalistic forces are on the rise again the College experience equips you with good spirit to counter such anti-Europeanism. We all know that we need more Europe and more Union. If you want to learn how this goal can be achieved, go attend the College. You will be taught there. 

腾达娱乐So if someone asks me whether I would attend the College of Europe again, I would reply a clear-cut YES! 


T +49 174 8888 509

E rdislam [at] gmail.com | W  | TW 

Would you also be interested in studying at the College of Europe?



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