The College of Europe Bruges campus is composed of two campus sites, Dijver and Verversdijk, where the class rooms, library and the academic and administrative staff are located as well as a restaurant, housed in our Garenmarkt residence. 


Map of the Bruges campus

Paul Henri Spaak building

腾达娱乐The College's main administrative building on the Bruges Campus, with the reception, offices, classrooms and the library.

Dijver 9 - BE 8000 Bruges



The Hotel Portinari is a bridge to the glorious past of Bruges, not so much owing to its classical facade, but because Tomasso PORTINARI was the administrator of the Florentine "Loggia de Medici" in the 15th century in Bruges. It contains eleven spacious apartments for professors and forty student rooms, two "salons" in fine 19th century style, the "salon du Recteur" with remarkable 18th century wall paintings and the College restaurant.

Garenmarkt 15 - BE 8000 Bruges

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