Bruges welcomes you

is a beautiful medieval city situated in the North of Belgium, in Flanders. Tourists from around the world marvel at the UNESCO city and former . The College of Europe campus and residences are spread throughout the city. 

Founded in 1949

腾达娱乐The College of Europe was established in in 1949 in the aftermath of the Second World War following a declaration at the Hague conference where delegates called for the establishment of a European university. The idea being to bring young students together from different countries to discuss how the continent could resolve its national differences through international collaboration.

At the heart of Europe

Bruges is within easy reach of Brussels, the capital of Europe, and is easily accessible from many major cities.

Bruges, a student city

The Bruges students benefit from privileged access to first-rate cultural and social activities thanks to the generous support of the city of Bruges. The College of Europe is also a full member of the “” – project meaning that students can take part in numerous sports, cultural and social activities together with the almost 9.000 other higher education students of Bruges.

腾达娱乐Its proximity to the sea and surrounding country-side provide opportunities for sport and relaxation activities. 

Understanding Europe

All students from the Bruges campus take part in a study trip to Flanders Fields腾达娱乐, where they are confronted first hand with the consequences of Europe at war. 

Honorary citizens

At the end of their studies all students are invited to the city hall by the mayor of Bruges to become honorary citizens of the city of Bruges.



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